The Z Winner21 System


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hello please someone have the manual for the strategy ...? I mean where to place the stop and that means the red x and the x blue


this system is meant for someone who is ready to sell a house to buy peak milk on sick bed.... or someone who is advised to sell a car and buy a bicycle
I use trend rider system template that i got free from forex treasure map website in combination with zwinner 21 indicators attached to it.The trend rider does not have any sound signal but zwinner 21 does so i use this as a pre- signal for trend rider and when all indicators set, I place the trade. Enjoy!
Does anyone have the manual for this system?
I am not sure if anybody has the manual yet but in case you want to trade it, just make sure all the indicators align:
Buy order: zwinner buy arrow signal + zwinner colour signal turns green + zwinner trend indicator turns green with up arrow +cci above zero and around 30 with green colour +zwinners trend indicator turns green and vice versa for Sell signal.
To my own understanding this is what i can come up with but in case anybody can come up with better suggestion(s), please do. Moreover, Most of the Statements that Dr Zain shows for trading this system or his Z20 shows that he only look for 20pips everyday per currency pair on 1H time frame trading the london session.
Hope this helps and sorry if i bored you with my Epistle.


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