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So your MF Broker give you this kind of news, Because James Rogers Has decided to hold on to his Euros you decided to buy. Ok if things went pair shaped I?m sure James would be able to cope, But would you or I be able to? No most of us won?t be able too. So all this speculation will they won?t they, maybe, maybe not will the interest rates go up only the major players can cope with ups and downs, Not me or you.Take the earth Quake in Japan, One minute sell sell $ some wise guy investor ( cant recall his name) Says the $ could go low has 75 in a matter of days, so you sell the MF $ then they tell no no sell the Yen too late you?ve just blown your account, I told you all before I?m quite Dumb but can you all understand what I?m trying to say? I for one think that the interest rates wont be raised

Noted currency and commodities investor James Rogers has held onto his euro holdings, but has not bulked up on them, as expectations have grown that the European Central Bank will this week raise key interest rates.

Rogers said in an e-mail interview with Dow Jones on Sunday that short-term movements were of "no interest," unless there was a major change.

"I rarely do anything except watch," Rogers said of his portfolio. Rogers bought the euro in June at levels around $1.19 and $1.20.

In a separate, March 24 interview with Dow Jones, Rogers declined to disclose the amount of his currency holdings, stressing he is now an individual investor. In the same late-March interview, Rogers said he would consider buying more euros.

However, as of Sunday, Rogers said, he had not done so.

The ECB's Governing Council meets Thursday; it is widely expected to raise its key refinancing rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 1.25%; it would be the first rate hike since mid-2008.

Monday afternoon, the euro traded at $1.4214 from $1.4235 late Friday, according to EBS via CQG.

Rogers is widely known as the former business partner of George Soros, who shot to fame as "the man who broke the Bank of England," with a massive $10 billion bet against sterling from which he walked away with a one-day gain of $1 billion.

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