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This thread for price action strategy

Friends this thread is shared price action strategies only its really working good but we need to patience for learn this staretgies
Req:understanding the market "price action trade

Req:understanding the market "price action trade

My dear friends any one have this can you please share this one thanks in advance


Sorry to bump in, with a doubt.. What you mean by price action strategy? Is it making decisions purely based on movement of price without use of any indicators... or a combination of them..

The reason why i ask was, elsewhere in another forum.. this question triggered hue and cry... wherein one So called expert who trades purely on price movements.. denies those using any extra indicators with price bars as " PRICE ACTION STRATEGY".. Ultimately i reduced exposure with the forum.. in a sense " Agreeing to Disagree" his opinion..

Just your views may help ..:D or may add further confusion here also..:p:p


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