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Three treasures from India on Astro trading


It was no secret that WD Gann visited India to gain an edge over his astro prediction abilities.

It is also believed, Mr Gann funded two guys in pre-independent India to do his Astro related works in the back ground.

One of the astrologer was Mr. Fakir Chandra Dutta & most likely the other one was TG Butaney.

1. Fakir Chandra Dutta - Market Forecasting
2. T G Butaney - Forecasting Prices ( some initial pages are missing )

A recent book on Vedic Astro trading is also found to be working like magic, written by Indrodeep Banerjee

3. I Banerjee - Stock Market Astrology & Astrological Theory of Buisness Cycles

All these books are available in Scridb to read & grasp the mysterious topic of Astro based Trading.

Happy reading !!


Mr Gann formulated his Square of 9 grid from an ancient Indian Temple more than 1000 yr old named "Kazhugachalamurthi" temple in the state of Tamil Nadu.
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Just ...WoW..stuff.

At the center we see 9 planets, surrounding them we see the 12 Zodiac signs, then we see 28 Nakshatras.

Banerjee's book talks about exclusive use of Nakshatra's in trading.

I hope TradersWorld takes up this new aspect of trading insights in their upcoming version (y)


And he has this idea from where? To me he is just parroting some myth and as Goebbels used to say if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes a truth.Dont get me wrong,this is not meant to offend you or anybody else for that matter,I just want to raise some awareness of what info on Gann can be proven and what should be considered legend by objective standards.See this India thing helps whom exactly....those that portray Gann secrets in the astro categories...a hidden agenda one might say....
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