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TICKMILL - Latest Scammer and Fraudster

TICKMILLL - Latest Scammer and Fraudster

Beware of this company. It is the latest scammer/fraudster in forex!

Deliberately held my deposit and did not credit my account (credited account after 24 hours - when their website says instant deposit with credit card) so that I lose all my account balance.

Reported the scam to FSA and FCA which regulates this scammer. Also have posted this message in hundreds of forums to warn all traders.

When they knew complaint has been field they changed my password so that I cannot withdraw my balance. They threatened they will close all my trades and my account in 1 week.

Be careful of this sick pathetic company which employs morons who are just looking for opportunity to scam people!

Will be posting updates on this scammer!!!​
Source???? FSA and FCA have contact details and one can make a complaint to them through email. FCA acknowledges the complaint and provides information regarding what actions one can take to recover the money. FCA, on the other hand, does a full investigation.
FSA - Financial Services Authority
FCA - Financial Conduct Authority
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