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Yeh sliffy,

He talks a lot about trading, but doesn't actually show any examples of his own trading. So nobody can really criticize him for any rules in his strategy, because he doesn't talk about any strategy in particular. He just talks a lot about how one may or may not use indicators. Basic Moving Average for trend and Stochastic for Cycles.

It's up to the listener to determine if it's all talk or whether you can actually make any money from listening to him for many hours and following his very non specific commentary. He is very qualified to talk, having done a PHD. It entitles him to talk at great length, also entitles him to be called a Dr. He mentions no qualifications as a trader.

I personally did not gain any useful information to either to improve my trading nor gain particulars on any specific strategy. Just hours of generalised commentary of Moving Average for a trend and Stochastic for cycle indentification. Perhaps that would be useful for someone.. I don't know.

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