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thought i would start a thread for this website.IF something costs 500$ you can get it for 10$.Here it is



ja but when you have exchausted all your websites and is still not able to find something you can get it for next to nothing.Now there is nothing that is beyond your reach even if you have to dish out 8 or 10 dollars


Hi Christiaan,

I too was once hooked onto these "alternate" forex acquisitions sites, but you will "soon" come to the realization as just how flooded the and corrupt the forex market areana is. Way too many scammers praying on our base human emotions.

Unfortunately the reality is that forex trading is not easy (but it is also not impossible!)

You will find that if you start learning the "rules" of the game from reading various "proper" books, written by proffessionals and vetrans, you will start to be able to turn your trades around considerably.

I have come accross far to many fly-by night systems that are super, insanely profitable for say 2weeks then the wheels fall off.... and I am back looking for the next system... once again feeding the corruption.

One of the best books that I have read so far is called
"Trading Day by Day - Winning the Zero-Sum Game of Futures by F H Chick Goslin". It really opened my eyes and is helping me become far more consistant with my trades. For 3 months now I have been able to make consistent weekly returns.

My personal style of trading is still the 4H and Daily charts, but this is just my style.
I used to be a full time day trader for 9 months, but due to trading the 1h timeframes I started getting burnout. I then started doing some freelancing programming again and ended up landing a massive and lucrative contract. This is basically the reason I went back to the 4H and Daily charts, and I can say that it was probably the best thing that could have happend. It forced me to slow down my analysis and not rush into trades.

Anyways my advise to all traders is if possible, get hold of that book and give it good read. (it's available on this forum if I recall)

ps: If you are like me (as in the old me), and are purchasing systems all the time, do a monthly tally of how much your spending on systems (small $10 eventually start adding up), rather take that $10 and deposit it into a micro account and practice with micro cents.)
The end goal is that in a few years time you will be able to retire and enjoy a profitable lifestyle. Change your thinking to more of a long term goal.
Personally I want to achieve a lifestyle that allows me to enter my trades on the 4H and Daily charts, thus giving me the freedom to enjoy life and GAME MY HEAD OFF with PC-GAMES etc...


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