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Trading The turning areas buy low sell high

Hi All,

I am going to share a system here that made me 50% returns in just 2 days

trading AU EU GU pairs

download this indicator

enter on the candle close then if the price goes further down from the entry in a buy then lower again enter and if it goes to the low enter again exit if you get + 3 - 5 pips in your favour

close out manually 45 mins into the candle win or loss but this is basket trading closing out when in profits' as the retrace takes place in your favour

its simply price action in real time just enter as you feel the price coming to your entry so if buying you want the price to com under the close price then go further down enter again . down further enter again and again at the low

same for selling enter at the close price a little higher higher again then at the high
just get a feeling for it

this is real trading

good luck

james agnew
heres what im talking about, entrys comes below when buying above when selling this is on the 1 hour charts you want to get out the trade at 45 mins into the 1 hour candle


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Any minimum wicks length requirement to enter the trade? There is confuse exit the trade if get 3 - 5 pips or 45 mins in 1 hour candle.
change it to minimum 6 pips not lower,

enter on candle close if at 6 or higher and then enter as it goes up if an up candle with number or enter on close if down and a down number

hope all is clear

download this indicator it shows the value of the body of the candle

set the lines on it to 60

above 60 and above 6 on the other indicator you can enter

change the down candles to white up candles to red

and change the indicator colour for the wicks to white for down and red for up

target is 50% of the body of last candle

hope its clear if not you can text me here
here is how it should look on the charts , bottom indicator showing the candles open to close price above 6 pips or 60 level on 5 digit broker

target is the open of the candle on next candles entry or breach of the low just exit


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here is a new template , easy rules ,

basically if the colours match just enter if you have a white number with a white candle enter long exit with 3 pips

exit at 45 minutes into the hour if your more aggresive you can exit at the open of the candle close pf last candle

here is the template


james agnew

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