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Transfer MT4 from old to new system


Hello All,

I was already looking online but I have not found solution to my issue.

I have an old laptop, where MT4 running with an EA that was free from MQL5 Market.

The EA in question was free, and still free for everyone (forever) who have installed the EA at that time from the market.

If you want to install it today, that is another story. The EA is not free anymore.

Anyhow, I need to change that laptop, so I have a new system, where MT4 installed, logged in via the same broker and account.

After adding/logging with my community user, MT4 does not restore previously downloaded EAs, so I cannot download anymore this EA for Free.

If I copy the EA from old system to the new one, EA become un usable with a message saying that EA cannot be read when I try to drop it to the chart.

I have also tested and moved all MetaQuotes folder from Old system to the new one, issue was still the same.

Can someone let me know how to transfer this from old to new system so I can still be able to use the EA?

Thank you.


Did you made a claim to your broker ?


Hello Sixer,

This is not related to my broker at all.

Using my MT4, I have downloaded the following EA at the time when it was free:

This EA still working on my old pc, no issue with that.

However, I want to transfer all trading to a new pc. I have installed MT4 on the new pc, logged into mt4 using same broker account. I also logged into the option/community tab to the same MQL account.

MT4 does not restore previously downloaded EAs unfortunately.

So at this stage, if I go to the market using new PC, I have only the rent or buy option, even though the EA is still free for me on the old PC.

I copied the EA from old to the new system, but when I try to use it, MT4 log display that EA cannot be read. So I guess MT4 add some references somewhere in the system which let the EA to be used, or something similar.

If I add a free EA from the market, that is working, so the only question I have, is how to transfer an EA which still working on old pc, to a new pc (an ea that was downloaded via MT4 market)

Thank you


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The programmer that wrote the EA is a member in this forum (ape_epa). Read his thread and see if you qualify to use his EA for free "forever"... Even if you don't I assume he may guide you what to do, Search for Hendrix v3 and ape_epa.

Good luck,



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Metaquotes is slowly phasing out MT4 and replace with MT5.
Based on their aggresive promotion. New features are being added on MT5 day by day.

MT5 also starting to look like MT4
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