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TrendHunter EA gives you confidence that you also can earn money. Trend Hunter EA is the best EA for your own account management. Stay with us and enjoy your relax income. Trend Hunter EA does not take random trade. When signal match only that time Trend Hunter EA take the entry. So don’t be impatience for not taking the trade. Also, one more thing time zone settings are the most important fact of Trend Hunter EA.
Classic Breakout EA is a breakout system EA. It works from London session to newyork session. London session it setup range for breakout and after a solid breakout it takes trade. Classic Breakout EA does not take trades randomly. If you want random trades in your account then Classic Breakout EA is not for you
Trend Hunter Rocket
Who shouldn’t use it :

If you are a conservative trader.
If your monthly target is 10-30%
If you have no big balance like ( 3k-5k plus) and you have no intention to earn quick money from cent account.
If you have no higher intention for big income
Who should use it :

High ambitious trader. Want to earn big from small balance.
Want to earn quick money with big profit.
Have strong nerve.
If you have cent account and earn to money big daily from small balance.



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im having trouble attching this to my mt4 chart?? can you help? im trying to add it as an indicator but no joy?
Thank You for this great EA,

I notice there are not any SL's. Is there something in the logic of the EA to exit these losing trades?

Are we supposed to manually close them with the close all button you have provided or does the EA take over and get rid of them eventually?

I found a SL setting in the EA inputs....question answered. But still curious if the trader uses the defaults (SL=0) what the EA does with that.