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(Req) Tripple Play Indicators-a new look at market trend changes


Tripple Play Indicators-a new look at market trend changes-a cool way to maxise profi

it is a wonderful practical effective way of trading.
trade daily charts. not much stress.

I have seen this nice video by marketgauge about
finding true strength or weakness of stocks futures or options

using tripple play indicators in metastock or tradestation.
please share your views and experiences about this indicator package.

it is available for use metastock or metatrader or tradestation
need more info on the indicators
please share if you know about its worth.
thanks in advance
The concept is quite different from regular trend finders.
it does not use opening range.
It uses a different route.
MarketGauge – Triple Play Trading Ideas & Mentoring

(Just pay : $149 somebody selling)
Sale Page :
Triple Play Trades Product Image

Triple Play Trades

3 Unique Indicators
Training Videos

Triple Play Trading gives you 3
unique indicators that enable you to:

See the TRUE STRENGTH (or weakness) in market trends that other traders cannot see
See UNKNOWN weakness in stocks near highs forming tops, and buying opportunities near bottoms (before the market reverses)
See REAL strength in good breakouts, and warning signs in failing breakouts

The Triple Play Trading Course will
teach you Trading Strategies for:

Entering on pull backs for
low-risk high-reward trend trades
Momentum driven trend breakouts for
instant gratification trades
Shorting low-risk reversals at “overbought” highs
Buying low-risk reversals at “oversold” lows
Explosive compression or “squeeze” play breakouts!

the point is it works on daily charts more efficiently. not an intraday thing.


MarketGauge – Triple Play Trading Ideas & Mentoring – Free Download Internet Marketing Courses

the indicator is available at
MarketGauge – Triple Play Trading Ideas & Mentoring – Free Download Internet Marketing Courses

We all want to improve our trading. What’s the best way to accomplish that?
Practice makes perfect

It’s not a question of working harder. There are no lazy traders. In fact, we have the opposite problem: screen time seems to increase way beyond what we originally expected. (Just ask your wife/partner.)

Unfortunately, screen time isn’t directly correlated with an improvement in our bottom-lines. Why not?

Like any profession, trading well depends on a proper mindset and the execution of specific skills . . . skills that need to be practiced.
what if you have a method which wins surely certainly and has its own visible powerful edge
practice with right strategy matters a lot.

I like to know about these indicators and like to know details to test them.


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keep your money - why don`t you use your brain.

They use two moving averages.




Thanks for your good suggestion.
You are thinking in terms of others best interest.
God Bless you for your concern.
marketgauge-has this sole aim of keeping minimum number of indicators and keeping things simple.

One thing you miss here is
these are moving averages of a very powerful strength indicator.
I bet you cant guess what the origin of these moving averages could be
which pinpoint changes in trend,failure or success of breakouts etc.
the point is
Finding hidden trends that are real and that pinpoint failure of trend or consolidation or a time before power breakouts occur.

the moving averages of 10 and 50 and 200 with price tell one story. but the tripple play indicators tell something else. and that is what brings winning edge to traders.
Marketgauge was supplier of indicators and trading backup for institutions over 20 years and they used windows like thing before windows came into existence.
If possible,please help find the indicators for metatrader or metastock or tradestation.
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I have mentioned several times that mladen has a new website. You will find there everything you need for Metatrader especially:

I check the nrp (non-repainting) indicators especially.



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This kind of looks like OBV with 50 and 100 moving averages plus standard deviation or envelopes added to the 50 ma.
I assume this is all it may be since they talk so much about "smart money" and OBV is used to track smart money in the market.

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