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"TRO" system ?

I have been reading on this site on and off, especially about the TRO "stuff". I downloaded the indicators and only really got anything out of the 3-level ZZ Semafor and the Buy/Sell alert. I have uploaded a screen shot of these indicators on my chart. The large 3 does seem to be spot on with picking out turns in price. Not sure why the buy sell alert marks some and not others. Anyway, I can't pretend to understand all the technical aspect of anything to do with trading, but I try, and that is why these TRO indicators have me a little fascinated. Can somebody explain what/how the indicators work?

I won't repost the indictators here because the creator asks that we not repost on other forums, but he does give freely so they can be downloaded at the above site.


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The semaphore is mainly a visual aid, because it will repaint with each new lower/higher bar, especially the #3. #1 & #2 are more precise, but they can still repaint. Not sure about the buy/sell alert (can't remember-it's been awhile since I've looked at that indy). OK, I just looked. It is only based on the horribly repainting zigzag, which will not always "print" on the chart until later or until refreshed. This one IMO is useless and unreliable.


The repaint is how this system work. You trade when repaint. Repaint = volitility. This increase possibility of trade move into green spread :)
The repaint issue is exactly why it seems this indicator may have something to offer. I have paper traded it for a few weeks, on and off and have NEVER seen a repaint on it. It picks a top or bottom and so far seems to be 100% accurate. It can get you in a trade early and placing a stop a little beyond the 3, on the 4H thus far has been ideal. I haven't had time to paper trade the 1H, but I also haven't seen it repaint. Granted, I'm not watching it 24/5 either, and with my poor memory maybe I'm just missing it.

I wish I could understand how it is picking the tops and bottoms so accurately.

The actual system given by TheRumpledOne is over my head though, as he has other indicators working with it and I have no clue/can't see what he's talking about or doing with those.


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Yes, I agree that repainting can be the best advantage, because you aren't dealing with lagging indies, but the zigzag doesn't always show on the highs/lows like it should. However, there have been updated versions that do work, but the buy/sell uses the standard platform zigzag. The semaphore itself should be an adequate substitute. It doesn't really pick tops/bottoms but actually checks the highs/lows to see if they have surpassed previous levels according to some special calculations. You will actually see the numbers move up/down as price continues to increase/decrease. As always, this is more accurate on the higher TF's.

Mom, if you just name the other indicators, we can probably explain them for you.


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The repaint issue is exactly why it seems this indicator may have something to offer. I have paper traded it for a few weeks, on and off and have NEVER seen a repaint on it.

hi Mommytrades, whenever you see an indicator that picks tops and bottoms with over 90% accuracy, then please understand that it's never as good as it looks. :)
You know that saying...if it's too good to be true...

A quick test to see how any indicator repaints, you just need to place it on M1 and watch. Another good test is to place a vertical line on the chart where you first saw the 3s, then take a look a few hours later.

Whenever the 3s appear on our chart, it usually means we're close to a reversal, but oftentimes price will continue to go in the same direction for 50-100 pips before truly reversing.
This information is definitely helpful depending on the kind of system you use.
Okay. Now that you mention it, the 1M chart is a train wreck with this thing on it. Until now, I hadn't really looked below the 15M. I didn't think about putting an extra mark on the chart where the 3's were to see if they stay. I'll have to do that. Once the bar CLOSES on the 4-hr marked with a 3, I was going to the 15M and looking for an entry.

Have any of you used point and figure charts?
That is GREAT!

I used my template posted above as well as a line chart template to enter a trade Friday. I don't usually trade Fridays, but everything lined up and seemed like the craziness was over by the time I entered. I attached a screen shot. Line chart helps me stay confident in a trade. Notice how when we put the PRICE (line chart) on the MA indicators (rather than the indicators on the price) the crossover signal comes a couple of bars earlier. I think that is significant. The posted line chart is my favorite. I think its focus on price psychologically works for me much better than all the hoopla about reading candlesticks. The only candlesticks I want to read are the ones that have some momentum that says "here we go"; hence the RSI bars.


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I dont personally want to like tro system

I dont personally want to like tro system

fx trading has something to do with your psychology, and your psychology has a lot to do with your exposure. to me tro system has a sort of spiritual back up , the reason you must be in line with him to make the system profitable. more ask him a question the reason he adds a skull danger symbol yo his template. Then his response will tell you if you are to stay or run for your life. Just my view.

However his system is like bread and butter that only needs cheese to make a complete diet.:D
I downloaded the motherload package from kreslik but there is no buy_sell indicator included.

Where can I download that indicator ?


When you read a bid about all this TRO stuff you could get the idea that hes just another "Guru" "Fx Cult leader". I mean it almost seems to me that this is the only way to make decent money on constantly basis for private persons in this market :)

But well why nit give some of his ideas a try if its free.


I just discovered TRO over the weekend, although I'm quite surprised I haven't stumbled upon him sooner. His posts litter the internet, and he's been banned from most forex related forums - if you ask him it's because he gives away trade secrets for free, while the forum owners will likely claim some other reason.

Anyway, if there's one thing I've come to understand about TRO and his systems it's that he's very brief with explaining what it's all about, and he tends to revise his systems quite often. At least, the indicators he uses seem to change on an almost daily basis.

However, he's got some cracking indicators that he codes himself - definitely check out the free ones he gives away. As for his system, the current one seems to be based on reversals if the price is within 20 pips of the daily low (or high if you're a 'red' rat). I haven't tried it yet as I've been reading for hours and hours trying to make sure I've got the system down properly.

I'm looking for a decent scalping strategy and this seems tailored for scalping (as long as the conditions are met), but I'm certainly not interested in buying any of his 'donational' indicators until I see some proof that his rat reversal system works.


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Price within 20 pips Daily High Low Indicator

Price within 20 pips Daily High Low Indicator

Any indicator which monitors and indicates what pairs are at 20 pips daily high/low zone?

Indicator in below image does the work?


I badly need one.

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