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Turbo charge your indicators-macd first


Hi friends
here is a link to a course that helps you to turbo charge your favourite indicators

if anyone has info on this please post.
some idea about it in brief below.


What is "Turbocharging" an indicator? [/B
]Turbocharging means that we?ve taken an
indicator and...
...altered its calculation to make it
timely in its signals
...improved the way its displayed to
make it easier to use
...combined it with a complimentary indicator
to improve its accuracy

Why do indicators need to be turbocharged? Almost all of the indicators you?ll experience will start out as the standard indicators on any trading platform. Then Scott will show you how to turbocharge it, and show you how to apply it in your trading!

WHY? is natural for you to ask why we need to take an indicator that traders have used for years and change it.

Well, the answer is simple.

We?ve improved it!
But one of the biggest reasons we can improve it is because it will be used for a very specific purpose. By approaching the indicator from the perspective of using it in a very specific way, you can alter, and combine it to create a much more effective result! We call that "turbocharged".
What makes our changes so much better?
At this point you may be asking, "Why can?t I do it myself?"
You can do it yourself. Just like you could buy a few books and learn to write computer code, fix your car engine, or even build a house if you are that ambitious!

I don?t need to explain that we all have our own talents and areas of expertise. Re-wiring indicators and figuring out the structure of market behavior happens to be one of Scott?s talents. So this is his area of expertise.

And just like any area of life, figuring out what to do is not as easy as simply doing what you're told!

This course is definitely one of those "why didn?t I think of that" courses. But I?m sure any disappointment with yourself over not thinking of these concepts first will be far out weighed by your excitement of what you just learned!


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