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Daniel Legg is part of the same Instasham scam ring as James Watts, Ashley Richards & others including Harrison Newman & Jamie Shepherd.

Their plan was to flog sham courses and earn kickbacks from brokers earning huge commissions by selling BS signals across social media.

James Watts, Ashley Richards & Dan Legg planned to get on to each National Television broadcaster in the UK - it worked. Not one TV Producer did any diligence into who these people actually are.

Dan Legg (TeamFX Limited / Tradeinbox Limited) got onto Channel 4 & Channel 5.

James Watts (TheForexHub Limited) got onto the same show as Dan Legg on Channel 5.

Ashley Richards was on “young welsh and pretty minted” on BBC Three produced by BBC Wales & Captain Jac TV (Catrin Rowlands) - which the BBC has now removed from air (and the associated website article) after I repeatedly complained.

Daniel Legg owns TeamFX Limited in the UK.

Daniel Legg is promoting signals from Tradeinbox Limited & Educate2Trade Limited (Synergy FX) run by Stephen Meli.

Dan Legg is listed as an "employee" on the about us section and Tradeinbox lists TeamFX as their partner.

Daniel Legg stated to the Daily Mail he doesn't sell signals and that the signals business is now with Tradeinbox Limited - that move occurred around April 21st - if you look at my blog, I have the evidence where Dan Legg pushed the business into Stephen Meli's Tradeinbox Limited.

On the TeamFX website is an oddball video trying to flog a sham course featuring Dan Legg in some dump of a training room with Stephen Meli.

On 14.07.2020 Daniel Legg has been outed as a fraudster in the UK newspaper The Daily Mail.

Dan Legg's right hand man & 'employee' of TeamFX Harrison Newman has been put on the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Warning Register for fraud, July 2020.

An FCA Warning has gone up for Jamie Shepherd too.

This is the beginning of the end for this scam ring - please share and spread awareness and submit complaints where possible to the FCA, Action Fraud, Trading Standards, ASA, Ofcom, IPSO where applicable.


Thank you for the valuable information forexcrypt, what I could add to this is this. This is for all forex traders, learn how to fish for yourself, don't expect fish from others, after all there are lots of charlatans out there trying to con you out of your money, work hard to learn and create your own forex trading system, remember losing trades are part of our business, it's like expenses of your business, take care and do it your way, regards tevres.
one to one coaching