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Small issue.. the chop zone indicator does not change color, it's always brown, no matter what pair I chose, sidewinder is also always yellow. Indicators are: WCCI-SI-kardamon and WCCI-CZI-kardamon.

Can anybody help here?

Apart from that, I banked another ~25 pips today, having two losers before -> 10 pips profit. Not too bad.

Still, you have to be careful in ranging markets, I see many false signals i.e. today 0800-0900 GMT EURUSD. Some TLB and ZLR, but if you have bigger spread and bad timing you end up break even, or worse. Also, the exit signal "cross of TCCI" comes really early, so you give away a lot of points. At least for some setups I have seen, but well - second day, what can I expect :D

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