one to one coaching

Us $21,000,000.00 ea


Does any body wants to buy thi one

may be we pull our $$$$$.


You can pull some $$$$$$$$$$$$ or some SSSSSSSSSSSShit. Depends how lucky you are?
The .00 means in Europe toilette (washroom). It is worthy system because there is a free shipping! Go for it! I give in the pool my 2 cents.


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I'll chip in all the 0's...

Actually, there are numerous problems with their statements. Some are demos and some seem to be "doctored" a little. And what's up with the open trades that are 5x the original balance? When have you seen that happen? Maybe if you caught the initial super wave and then added positions all the way at every retracement possible. For $21M, I guess you could spend a lot of time fabricating statements. Without publishing the results to a reputable site, you can pretty much scratch this one from legitimacy.


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so great the 21M-EA...
maybe should hire someone (maybe usd50/hour) to help to decorate the webpage more 'expensive' interface.

i remembered a trader said before:"who is willing to sell his EA IF his/her/their EA is soooo good?"
one to one coaching