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Vote for the best forex broker!

My vote will definitely go to FreshForex, as they are the leader of the pack with having everything you desire. From one of the safety and trusted companies, it’s offering the best tools in the market whether the zero spread setup or if it’s to do with their Deposit Bonus that is up to 101%, Mega Rebate where we can gain up to 20 dollars or even chance to try around from over 120 instruments! Let’s not forget the sensational No Commission deal!

Bill Whitty

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Frankly speaking, I am not much into voting thing, as we just need to go with one proven their worth. I work with Alpari and for me; they are amongst the best IF not the best. The pretty straight forward reason is the reputation they got and been in the market for last 18 years. It’s an honor to trade under them. I like the conditions big time with controlled cost, high leverage, cash back program, market analysis and signals while of all, it’s their that I love the most! This is perfect investment place for traders.
I have no right to talk into others vote or view, but I feel sad with some people’s selection, as it’s not like I don’t want bonus, but bonus or any freebie is good till you can get safety, but without that we will waste our time no matter how many freebies we get.

Jerick Schmidt

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Good and safe brokers should get good marks in order to stand up against scammers which are unfortunately everywhere in the forex business. And that’s why I’m doing here, showing support to IMMFX broker which helped me trade better in forex. When i asked for a withdrawal I got my money on time and that is the most important thing that i look in brokers, to feel safe for my money.


Diiifx;n129131 said:
yeah of course!!!
what you like your broker when he gives you margin calls? :confused:

At least most traders don't realize is it brokers' fault or their own. That's why you have to seek for professional advice when dealing with such delicate matters as brokers.


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I've said it before, but I`ll say it again.
There is no such thing as a broker that is best for all!

There are simply too many variables in the equasion.
However a broker that I am using and has proven to be true to their word (STP/DMA order execution along with a lot of tools, features and great customer support) is .
From what I've tried so far in terms of brokers, the one above proved to be best FOR ME.

Remember, a good broker can turn bad and vice versa. So, do your due diligence and research the heck out of a brokerage firm before you put your money with them.


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There is this new broker company called Exclusive Capital. I've been trading with them for a couple of months, and I like their conditions. Livechat is polite and very helpful. One they helped me solve a chart problem through TeamViewer. Their spreads are also good. i have a standard account there which means there is no commission and on the most popular fx pair (EURUSD) the spread is 0.5 pips. They have segregated bank accounts, so according to the law they can't touch your capital.

Here is their website:


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OANDA Corporation

Practice Account: Unlimited

Minimum Deposit: None

A forex broker since 2001, OANDA offers demo accounts that do not expire, giving you the ability to practice trading until you are ready to go live.


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I will vote for coinexx, started using them few months back only, am really impressed with their conditions.


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Hi, i will vote for FP Markets, the trading condition in FP Market is considered safe because it has long track record and is regulated by top tier regulator.

Trading fees are low and its requires minimum deposit of just 100$
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