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Warning about Fusion v



Hi guys


I've forward tested on my demo account the new Fusion Robot from FRWC and my account is empty now!

wiped out in a week!
$ 2000

I' d like to know your feedbacks


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So far so good with me (default settings) on FXDD. It seems that Straasha and HiRider are dangerous martingales, but they pulled through anyway. SuperVolcano does very well, but not very often. LMD and NegCorrelation gain only a little bit at a time. I don't see the others working much at all. I'm not too impressed with the whole package yet. Certainly not 300%+ with standard settings.


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i have it trading live (micro lots) and it's been just "okay" for me. Supervolcano wins big and looses big because it trades up to 5 simultaneous positions on gbpjpy. hiRider has big drawdowns. LMD loses as much as it wins. Straasha seems good, but it's about to lose a big one today. :-(
The 5 EAs were supposed to compliment each other by trading different strategies against different market condition. However, from what it seems these EAs pull each other down! When one does well the other loses all the time.

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