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[WARNING] - Breakout Genius v4


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[caution]Breakout Genius v4[/caution]

I downloaded Genius from this forum and was impressed on demo so I went live...

A little time bomb seems to have been activated?

SD could you look into this code and stop it from doing it?

I have attached the offending file and I would strongly advise against using this until the root of the problem is sorted out.

I would also check the other versions for this problem...

This includes using the 24 modified ones recently upload here:



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looks like it tried to open a position with 520 lots!
This EA trades on GU M15.
I'm glad bonnie had given this alert to us all.
Thats spooky! Personally I like fixed lots and increase my lot size with every $100 earned. If you set the risk to "0" it will obey your fixed lot size. I like this EA but backtesting for 2010 with V4 is not great, breaks even at best.


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Can you describe what happened and when? Also, what chart and TF?

All I can say is I woke up to it so unsure...

Even with the risk set to 3 and 0.01 lots it should not calculate 500+ lots (although impossible to trade with brokers) but who is to say that it will not do sporadic mathematical lots when it chooses?

Also I had it running on demo at the same time and the demo version with same parameters and it acted normally? Maybe the problem arises when put onto a live account?


I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that he had updated to 4a, because of a bug fix. Maybe this was the bug?
Anyway we need to track down 4a.


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It doesn't have any code to check for demo or real. I think it must have had a hiccup from your broker or platform in some way.


Here it is

[url=]Breakout Genius v04.ex4 - - online file sharing and storage - download[/url]
anyone else having problems with this EA?

HI I've done optimizations for that ea, the problems i saw where two: all the orders execute at same minute at day (depend ur optimization) and that's make me wonder if the entrance is a "good entrance" , and the other problem is the average winners loosers, like 1-5 1-7.It's seems imcomprensible for a Breakout strategy.
Anyway i optimize others Breakout eas and seems to have the same ratios.Any experience about that? It's usual that ratios in Breakout strategy?

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