Web-based Trading or MetaTrader4/5?

Do you prefer to CFD trade on a web platform, or download a platform like MetaTrader 4/5? I am pretty new to CFD trading and MetaTrader 4 seemed overly complicated when I downloaded it from a broker called GCC. So, currently I am using a web-based trading platform with Jones Mutual who claim to have an 'innovative platform' - in reality it is just nicely laid out. But, is it worth learning how to use MetaTrader 4? Are there any benefits over web-based trading platforms?


WwI Memebr
It really depends on how you are going to trade and by that I mean are you to trade/find your entries by using indicators that are what one would call run of the mill and available on most platforms for example MA's or stoch or are you planning to utilise some of the thousands of indicators/experts available for MT4? If the first then you really do not need to use MT4 and of course the advantage of the web based platform is you really do not need to take any specialised laptop/tablet with you when you move about. If you have MT4 then you will have to take a machine that has those indicators in the folders to be able to actually use them for entries or control etc in a semi automated fashion as they are custom.. If you are happy with their platform stay with them.

In addition some of the web based platforms have better free versions of renko/range bars etc than the MT4 which need an indicator on a very short time framed chart and then have the need to open up an offline chart. By the time you get four or five charts open the computer processor is starting to protest.
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