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What is Price & Time Square?


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Gann Alert Triggered...
...It can be reasonable to say that time and price square is the same exact amount of increments in time to price or 1 x 1.
This I find is a futile attempt at understanding Gann's method and a more exact formula can be found in the Bible.

We trade Indices, Currency, Commodities and have seen again and again in operation...
...what I am talking about is the meaning of numbers from the stories in Genesis. What is your guys thought on what
Gann meant here?


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According to my little knowledge what Mr. Gann wanted to say that when time (in degree of a circle/ SQ 9) from high to low or low to high is squaring with price (movement in degree of a circle/SQ9) is called time & price squaring. lets say from last low to high.. time movement was 242 degree and price moved in 238 degree. time & price were closed and change in trend will occur . when price ahead of time reaction will occur. when time ahead of price up move will occur. This is not the whole methodology but just the begining.
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