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Which brokers provide fixed spreads?


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I want to have a list of brokers that provide fixed spreads. Doesn't have to be very low spreads. Doesn't have to be 'fixed' 24 hours(I can accept that spreads be widened around news time), other time should be fixed through all trading sessions.
Anyone knows any ?

Thank you very much.


The following web page provides a useful comparison of the spreads of the major brokers across a range of currencies. You can see the current spreads as well as historical spreads.

Although not fixed spreads (as requested) in many cases, you could see what the maximum spread a broker has. Might provide a suitable alternative to a fixed spread.



Every broker will fix you for sure, you don't need a fixed spreads. Active Trades, UK have a fixed spread and they already fixed me. Anyway, they break the law and widen them from time to time without your permission! If you want to trade EAs don't use fixed spreads because EAs don't win on fs.

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