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you can get a paperback version for 70 Cents:



For those doing a search to find this book the title listed is missing some key words at the beginning. the proper title is

Standard & Poor's how charts can help you in the stock market

Author: William L Jiler
Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill, ©2004. newest publishing.

This might help find a copy. This book should be available. Just keep looking

I had the feeling this was an old book and I found the info.

How Charts Can Help You in the Stock Market
by William L. Jiler

This book was first published in 1962 with several printings through 1968. It was the first book written on the how, why and wherefore of chart analysis presented in clear and understandable terms. Jiler was the president of Trendline, a division of Standard and Poor's when he wrote this. 63 Charts.

this book has been published by several publishers over the years. It is available in many libraries.


Well I actually kind of like this book. It was originally published in 1962 and then reprinted many times.

But I like the layout of the book and the topics. It looks to me like I can read this book in one day and get a lot out of it. Nice and basic but good topics like measured moves. some chart formations and other interesting things. I recommend people at least give this a scan.

for those interested in quality of pdf this is done in 600 dpi and not 300 dpi. it gives better resolution of the letters and especially the charts. Once you see the difference you can pick it out just by looking at it. the size of the file is slightly larger than a 300 dpi file would be but it is still small by today's standards. and the quality is worth it especially on the charts.


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