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Hurry Up, and Download this EA, the Lic Key is Removed!! Hopefully BP-2000 Corrected the Adjustable Martingale Setting..It was INCORRECT a few Days Ago, is running on my Vps Demo Now..I set it for 1.3 Martingale, and All Trades were >.01Lots..I "think" His Corrected It. All my Love, jimmy:)


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Dear B.P-2000, Thank You!! But can Yours Modify the Martingale Lot Progression to be like Blessings EA? 1.0 Lot=.01,.02, .03,.04, etc, etc..Brother, this is Better, but Yours is Safer!! It is More Profit if It was Like Blessings By Far..COULD YOUR PLEASE DO IT..Blessings Code is "Free" Please Read It !! Man, I Love, I was at the Bank Today with Abdul of Middle East..Ours were Talking "well"..Just Deposited via Wire to Pepperstone.com.( I am INC GRT. Brt. USA Resident) Abdul & James ( US. Bank Assistant Manager, were talking about the Garden..) Please Read the Blessings Mq4 Code, and Correct Your EA, it will be Better for EVERYBODY!! My Account Just made a Bal of 2000.00 Today_45.00 Fee to Wire..Also, Please Add an Adjustable Magic Number to Your EA. I Spoke to a Seik Br today also, All Day Long it was Wisdom..I am Now Studying Holy Torah& Hindu Practice. All my Sincere Love, jimmy:) *Also Obtain the Smart Grid If Yours Can..Build it Into Your EA, that is Financial Success for Ours All..Progressive Lots such as Blessings EA Overcome the Inertia of Trading Both Ways Br..But Your Way is SAFER, but Less Profit. If Yours Had "Smart Grid" EA would not need the News Trading Indicator, that is another Option. **9/14/2018. I am So "Sorry" for Calling Yours "FOOLISH!!" But..It took So Long for Yours to Give Freely. I Lost 1050.00 on the Cable Trading Dragon EA. I am Demoing this at IC Markets with 1100.00 Bal. I "think" It is Safe via Intention. New EA Setting at 1.2 Martingale-ie,>01,01,01,02,02, Etc, Etc..That will Reduce Draw down Alot. May I Suggest Changing Default Setting to Pips Wide 30, Take Profit 45?. I got this Setting from Filter Grid EA, and it works Very Well !! It made 106.00 Today on Traders Way Demo at 1.6 Martingale with 2200.00 Bal on Eur/Jpy Pair. I could not write Yours as Spirit Guards Your Reception_99 Names. I used to Practice that for yrs, but I found 114 Names 42&72, and that is what I Do..All my Love, BP-2000 jimmy:) Now some Profit Everyday!! I also have a Blessings EA, that is Lean & Mean, with the Scalps, It makes about 40% per mo. With Linear Lots It is Safe for 1000.00 Start Bal. IF One Picks a Good Trending Pair, that is Most Important, Otherwise No!! The Dragon Makes Excellent Monies, But..the Martingale Setting is Not ADJUSTABLE, and So, I Lost 1050.00 When the Cable went to 127.50. It made GOOD MONIES in Trend, for 3 Months, and Then..It Cleared Out..All the SUCKER'S!! My. Blessings EA, is Not included Here..It makes good Scalping the Higher Lots in the Basket..Needs to Defeat the Closed Profit Lot Calculation & Also ENGAGE the "Smart Grid" AFTER the 5th Grid Trade..would make 40% EVERY MONTH with these MODS..No BULLSHITT. I "wish" Somebody could do this_CLOSED PROFIT subtracts from the Total Grid Profit Calculation, even with FORCED Pips..IF Somebody Will, I will GIVE IT !!


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bp2000;n31330 said:
This is Multi-Currency grid-martingale EA.
You have to attach this EA to one chart only! (i.e. EURUSD M15)
It will work with ALL currency pairs.

Timeframe: M15

Minimum Deposit: $5000

2018.07.31 version 4.10 (removed license key)
2018.04.02 version 4.02 (fixed a bug)
2017.12.28 version 4.01 (removed auto GMT offset, added licensekey)
2017.08.24 final version 3.93 (added wave filter, removed licensekey)
2017.05.19 final version 3.92 (added pattern filter)
2017.03.14 final version 3.91 (changed lot size setting)
2017.03.13 final version 3.9 (fixed a major bug, move up AutoLot,SpreadFilter...)
2017.03.12 final version 3.8 (added a function to block 1 pair 1 direction)
2017.03.10 final version 3.7 (fixed zero color)
2017.03.02 updated to version 3.7 (changed lot calculate)
2017.02.25 updated to version 3.6 (fixed a bug)
2017.02.22 updated to version 3.5 (fixed a bug)
2017.02.22 updated to version 3.4 (fixed 2 bugs)
2017.02.20 updated to version 3.3 (grid-martingale ea) start from post 261
2016.12.02 updated to version 3.0
2016.09.28 updated to version 2.6 (changed filter mode)
2016.09.24 updated to version 2.5 (fixed a small bug)
2016.09.23 updated to version 2.4 (changed AutoLot to Risk)
2016.09.20 updated to version 2.3 (fixed a bug)
2016.09.11 updated to version 2.2 (enabled backtesting)
2016.09.09 updated to version 2.1 (added warming time)
2016.09.05 updated to version 2.0 (new strategy)
2016.09.28 updated to version 1.8 (changed filter mode)
2016.07.20 updated to version 1.7 (remove spreadfilter)
2016.06.10 updated to version 1.6 (final version)
2016.06.06 updated to version 1.4 (changed input parameters)
2016.05.23 updated to version 1.3 (changed: licensekey)
2016.05.10 updated to version 1.2 (changed: stop trading)
2016.05.09 updated to version 1.1 (fixed a bug: show profits)

Make sure the panel background color is BLUE color,
if the background color is RED, it mean some functions not work, or had stop trading.

What is the function "Block"?
this is to block the order sending function when there are no opened order only.

How to close all of one pair of one position?
remove the symbol name from "Long" or "Short"

How to block one pair one position?
add (*) in front of the symbol name on "Long" or "Short".
example: *USDJPY,*EURJPY

How to setting Max Spread?
first, turn "SpreadFilter" to true,
then setting max spread into "Long" or "Short"
example: EURUSD 0.0003,USDJPY 0.04 (Separate by space)

Hello, do you have a minimum latency for it to work correctly? Thank you.