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I want to share my own EA.

This is Multi-Currency EA.
You have to attach this EA to one chart only! (EURUSD M15) It will work with ALL currency pairs.
This EA does not Average, Scalp, Martingale, but is pure Trend following & trades signal to signal.

Backtesting is not allowed.

Timeframe: M15
Minimum Deposit: 20 USD


License Key (valid till 2018.12.31): 07C293


(new license key is update every month in my website)

Input parameters
  • LicenseKey: The License Key is for protect my works.
  • Risk%: Risk is percentage of account balance that you will loss when StopLoss is hit.
  • AutoLot per 500 USD:
  • FixedLot:
  • MaxOrder: Maximum allowed position at the same time. You may setting MaxOrder to 1 or 2 if you have small account balance only.
  • UseSignalA:
  • UseSignalB:
  • UseSignalC:
  • MaxDistFromEntry:
  • AlertsNotify:
  • SpreadFilter:
  • AllowHedging:
  • MinuteAfterServerOpen:
  • MinuteBeforeServerClose:
  • StartTrade: Trading start hour.
  • HoursTrade: Number of hour from StartTrade.
  • TrailingStop:
  • TrailingStep:
  • Breakeven:
  • LocalAdjustDST: If your computer or VPS server is using auto adjust DST, you may set this value to No. You also need to check the GMT time is correct.
  • RefreshIntervalSeconds: Screen refresh rate in second.
  • TakeProfit:
  • StopLoss:
  • AutoClose:
  • Comment: You can change this for you need.


Hi Bp2000

the above link goes to RLUniRenko.X86.Patched.dll, not to WIN2PIPS.

there is another link for WIN2PIPS since yesterday but the site requires a password...

do you happen to know the pwd pls
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