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(Share) Winner Fx Pro v2 -[Cost $350]-

New forex robot
Winner PRO
Original Price $350
Expert: winnerfxpro v2.ex4
EA Setting pic
310% per month – on the machine
33 new strategies
Fixed Stop Loss
Deposit Acceleration Function
You are the most liked 2nd person in the forum.thanks for the psot


New member
Thanks brother, it is not working on my MT4, is it for MT5? Would you please tell me the time frame


Hi iraj23, EA is for MT4 and works on 1 minute or 5 minutes, currently I am running it on my demo account on 5minutes. just be aware that EA opens quite a lot of positions, make sure you change the lot size to 0.01 in the settings of the EA, I'll update how the EA doing in about a week, regards tevres


Hi all, I was going to update about winner fx pro v2 next week, but already I had a margin call on my demo account in less then a days trade, and only trading 0.01 lots, it's a martingale system that keep opening positions against the trend, best stay away from this crap and look for something else that works better, all the best, tevres.
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