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Writing an EA for indicator FXSmooth

Profit Taro

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We are attempting writing an EA for auto-trading using signals received from the indicator called FXSmooth. However, we ran into wired problem. First phase, we just display the pips gain/lost and also the profit/loss when we initiated a position. The buffer from the pips shows up OK but the profit calculation seems to be corrupted by the buffer which we don't know why.

Anyone willing to help us to debug we will appreciate by providing our current EA codes, interface and etc..

I also would like to connect to people whom are very experience and technical in EA writing interfacing with an indicator, better still the same FXSmooth indicator.

I wish I can get reply soon.



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i have already written an EA based on FXsmooth using its buffers to open and close long & short positions alternatively but it seems that the indicator repaints horribly so ...i get some trades which are totally clueless in my backtest...btw havent forward tested it yet...

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