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WWA Trading - BEWARE they are not what it seems to be :)


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Has anybody here registered with WWA Trading Course? Then if you do, welcome to the club of being duped :)

Just out of curioity, i registered with this group early last year but boy, me so disappointed, These blokes just mere jokers.

If you have not registered with this group, just avoid it. I paid $2000 and tell you straight, it's not worth your money and time. There are heaps of free materials you can easily find in the net all you have to do is your due deligence.

These guys claimed to be succesfull however when i kept asking them for their trade records to prove their claim, they've got nothing to show - then i left.

what you will see and hear from them is purely copied materials and contents from people who's given it to public for free :)

this was long time ago though, however, it seems a lot still asking for em.

i will publish here all webinars i managed to copy videos and webinars...

just stay tune...

these will be lots of fun... me will be right back

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