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LOL I have been a while this account to open, well FXCM close down, now I was using oanda US and ATC broker, still using XMT but with new setting with M1, tweak more better almost 99% win, drawndown less then 1%, still using counter trend. This is brilliant EA thx to capella, if you know how to tweaking it, LOL the owner this EA dont know how to tweaking the best result is Ironic. bye

all you tweak is the bolinger band periods... thats all... im sharing since you arent sharing the exact method so others can benefit from it. But thanks anyway. You will receive the way you gave. Have a nice day.


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I'm not too late at all. This EA is still in use as of this day. It's even been redesigned into over 20 different EA's with the same strategy.
To those who are just throwing bad words around about this ea that made me money should just hold on to their hate. You are 4years late.

This was my demo but for some reason tickmill deleted my inactive account.
Thing is, brokers that were honest years ago are just not same people now.

Because it doesn't work for you now don't mean its not working for other.


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Hello to all.
I had download the newest version of the XMT-Scalper. And i'm new using this EA
I had some question about this EA.
1. What is the indicator setting for this EA?
2. Do i need to put any indicator into chart?
3. How this EA calculation the point for entry? (EA is in default setting)
4. Why i change the TF of the chart and the EA direct remove?
5. I cant change the setting of the EA. After change the EA will direct remove from chart
6. Does this EA indicator setting such as MA is follow the chart indicator setting?

Please someone can reply my questin and im very appreciate with it.


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Hello to all tader.
I had download this EA XMT-Scalper new version. And i found some problem with it.
Because im new in using this EA.
I would like you all can give me more information about this EA.
1. Why i change the timeframe to other and the EA direct remove?
2. How this EA calculate the entry by using the default setting of the indicator?
3. Does it follow the indicator attach into the chart to let it entry post or EA itself calculate the entry that had been set inside EA?
4. What is the default indicator using and the setting?
5. I would like to change the EA risk to 1 but after change the EA direct remove.

Please all trader solve the problem i had been through.
Thank you

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Good day everyone. It seems to me that the enormous work done by our great friend has been destroyed by brokers. Or am I wrong?:confuso:


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I found that the trailing modify order has something to improve.
Sometimes I see the log [trade is disabled]. I am sure this is because of broker.

Too mach changing order will be real cost for brokers, So I want to change the logic / frequency of it.
Can someone help me out?


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2017.11.26 09:33:00.124 2017.06.06 07:18:12 XMT-Scalper_v2.522 EURUSD,M1: 2017.06.06 07:18 Tick: 014
*** DEBUG MODE ***
Currency pair: EURUSD, Volatility: 0.00004, VolatilityLimit: 0.00163, VolatilityPercentage: 0.00000
PriceDirection: NULL, Expire: 07:48, Open orders: 0
Bid: 1.12556, Ask: 1.12564, iMA_low: 1.12552, iMA_high: 1.12564, iMA_diff: 0.00012
AvgSpread: 0.00008, RealAvgSpread: 0.00013, Commission: 0.00005, Lots: 7.08, Execution: 0 ms


Nesta, I don't have any experience with this indicator. I just posted the last version because the link to the original storage place had expired. Sorry about that but I myself never used it. Ron


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Hey all! I'm trying to do some work with XMT as Capella seems to be inactive for a while now and I couldn't find original mq4 version of XMT as links shared here are broken and the file appears to be invalid.
Does someone has all.the versions of XMT so I can study the code and hopefully keep improving it?

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