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Hey all! I'm trying to do some work with XMT as Capella seems to be inactive for a while now and I couldn't find original mq4 version of XMT as links shared here are broken and the file appears to be invalid.
Does someone has all.the versions of XMT so I can study the code and hopefully keep improving it?


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nesta;n2332951 said:

2017.11.26 09:33:00.124 2017.06.06 07:18:12 XMT-Scalper_v2.522 EURUSD,M1: 2017.06.06 07:18 Tick: 014
*** DEBUG MODE ***
Currency pair: EURUSD, Volatility: 0.00004, VolatilityLimit: 0.00163, VolatilityPercentage: 0.00000
PriceDirection: NULL, Expire: 07:48, Open orders: 0
Bid: 1.12556, Ask: 1.12564, iMA_low: 1.12552, iMA_high: 1.12564, iMA_diff: 0.00012
AvgSpread: 0.00008, RealAvgSpread: 0.00013, Commission: 0.00005, Lots: 7.08, Execution: 0 ms
That's not an error lol. It's your verbose output. It shows up on your screen to tell you the stats of the market, lot size, etc..


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Got a setting to share

Rules of usage:
- It optimized for GBPUSD, 5 minutes chart, but you can try to run backtest on other pairs to see if it works
- Since I hate risk, this setting takes risk about 2-3% per trade
- Always run backtest before usage, better with 99% modeling quality
- Use demo account at least 3 weeks before going live
- Use only small money you can afford to lose, think as if you already lose it and you don't mind at all
- If you've got profits from this setting, you have to give at least 10% to charity or your parents, I'll help only givers



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Hello All

I have only 1 question.

Are your EA ( Scalper) use fast feeds or not?
I think its not work without fast feeds like lmax for EU or cqg for NY.


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Hi, first off i want to thank capella for this great EA. Now im thinking of open a real money account, but i have never traded for real, also i don't have a big amount to invest (only 220$ atm) but im thinking is it possible, to start trade with this EA, on a Microaccount perhaps? Also what broker would you recommend? And anything else one should consider before open a real money account? What leverage should be used etc? Greatful for any answer, Thank you

ali saed

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Peace be upon you brother ... Sorry for bothering you .. I have a question about xmt .. Why sometimes sometimes it opens deals without Stop Lost and Tech Profit ??? is this normal ??? Is this feature possible? I would like to use it only through deals with a goal and stopp ... Thank you very much for your wonderful


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hello guy's

good year to all

you guy's send to me ton of private message about how this ea work
final word:
XMT SCALPER do't work on public account

it need private account. required least 20k money for opening it

hope it help you
remember: generally on public account you see price move 4 second later than private account


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Not to Promoted, only LMAX broker can keep up this kind EA, Before frank and Dodd regulation, I had account with them thats sweet, not anymore ( no US clients allowed )