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Thread: Gann the Start

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    HW that may have been your most gifted share of wisdom by far. And ok I know you have shared some good stuff in the other thread

    But i totally agree with the summary:

    Kumares or any other Gann student ... my thoughts on this

    1. Read Ganns material (books / courses ) yourself.

    I think Pareto's Law applies here. 80% of your Gann knowledge should (will) come from reading Gann content, 20% may come from reading about him thru other people, or websites. So right now, you asking about how to learn Gann on this forum falls in the 20%, you might get some clues,some help, but the 80% knowledge only comes from reading him.

    Anyone who wants to understand Gann has to read his material. Not read someone elses (internet sites, opinion pieces etc) analysis of Gann. I have never met a successful Gann trader who learnt from the 20% study. Understanding Gann comes from reading his books / courses - and following the bread crumbs. (there are plenty)

    2. Read 'original' gann books / courses. These are available under the book section on this site, and all over the net. Im referring to the books issued by Lamber Gann Publishing. Stay away from publishers "Abtao Ediciones", "Eigal Meirovich" , "The Richest Man in Babylon" and others. I cant say i have compared all the books that have been reprinted by these other publishers. But i did find in "The Magic Word" published by the 'Richest Man in Babylon" edition that some of the words were different to what is in the original Lamber Gann edition. Why as a serious Gann student would anyone risk reading a book that has had words changed in it ? Play it safe and read the original Lambert Gann books / courses.

    3. Find Ganns Recommended reading list. If you want an insight into his mind, this is a good place to start. It will also help you understand how to read his books.

    4. Books about Gann. There are plenty of authors out there who have dabbled in Gann: Bost, Burton, Cooley, Costa, Cowan, Baumring, Droke, Ferrera, Futia, Gilmore, Hannula, Jansky, Jenkins, Katz, Krausz, Hill, Long, Maclean, Marish, McLaren, Meadors, Mikula, Miller, Yogi, Pesavento, Plummer, Smithson, Walker, Hima, The Seeker, Bowden, Morales, Meridian, Merriman, Oliver, Harley, Jace, Hyerczyk .... should i add more ? I could even add our own HW Steele to the list.

    In the end it takes time to not only read them all, but then to go back over and understand them. Key word = time. welcome to Gann.

    But remember these authors should really only add up to 20% of what you understand about Gann.

    Good luck

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    Wow, HWSteele, Feaw,

    I am really getting very convincing advice here, great WWI. Thank you very much,

    HWSteele ! very detailed method of reading is defined, I agree, when I read first time square of 9 I was very eager to find the formula and try to apply it in computer to do few math, when I am not able to get exact formula, I search in net and i was interested in formula so directed to some other place, at last I lost original Gann methods or found some junk and concluded Gann may not fit to these days work, that was my experience and raised my first question. But as you said, if I read Ganna's original books and digest line by line definitely I will get more and more, your advice looks like words not from just a trader, it is from some guru that is masters / teachers with blessing etc. You said those books changes not only trading but also perspective on life, Yes, a good book should do it, I am just a learner in trading, but your advice really gives me a direction , I will follow it and one day I will have that epiphanies .

    Feaw! such a wonderful 20:80 explanation, I agree it, I will follow original book, as you correctly identified i was looking in those 20 % and trying to understand elephant by looking at the tail or hairs in the tail. Reading Gann book is getting from source, but my understanding is horrible, anyway I will do it and come to you masters for clarification. thanks for your blessings

    Thanks for such a wonderful caring note. long live WWI


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    MJ is actually trading using GANN method for years and is coaching us. It may save your time. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    There are 2 Yahoo groups that contain a huge amount of original Gann material, including an accurately produced pdf of Tunnel Thru The Air. I am hoping it is OK to mention these because they are absolutely free to join, although you have to subscribe. The site owner is an incredible scholar. They are not discussion forums, just repositories for Gann material.

    The groups are gannstudygroup and gannstudygroup2

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    Thanks swandro
    The study group also will help me, I am wondering how so may authors, master, experts are there in this complex methods, It is a very big field on its own and time consuming to read. His methodology square of 9, hexagon, square 12 , etc. I think there are lot versions and each one is to be read , do research and understood again read, research .... . Oh God. is it possible! .

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    I love Gann's approach to the markets and I was jaw on the floor amazed the first time I used the square of nine. It did indeed alter my perception from that moment on.
    That said I do feel the markets when Gann traded were different from what they are today. They were smaller and therefore the volatility was smaller. When using the square of nine nowadays with leveraged trading I find it is very hard to ride the swings. Just my opinion... maybe I have more to learn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mario777 View Post
    MJ is actually trading using GANN method for years and is coaching us. It may save your time. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    I've had a look...."may save time" I seriously doubt it, may cost you money more like...all the posts talk of fictional or should I say delusional paper profits. Demo account profits mean nothing imho which I must add, is shared by Wyckoff and Livermore who are without question two of the greats. I posted a reply to say as much but I doubt it will get past the moderator.

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    im new on gann's th
    here is a pdf with math formulas of sqaure of nine which could help for programmers and analysts...
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    I found this useful.....

    "Welcome to Global View Technology LLC

    Gann Wheel 1.2

    This is a must have item for stock market and futures market traders. Whether trading stocks or commodities, day trading, swing trading or position trading, using technical analysis or fundamental analysis, THE GANN WHEEL will transform your trading from speculation to professional and profitable investing. THE BEST KEPT SECRET ON WALL STREET. "

    Gann Wheel is the implementation of W.D Gann's master chart. It includes Square of Nine, Circle of 24 and Hexagon Chat. It's a powerful tool designed to help traders to find price supports and resistances.

    The Gann Wheel 1.2 program can be downloaded if you go through archive .org wayback machine and search globalviewtech .com it's a great program and if you google you can find the keygen

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    Lightbulb W.D Gann

    I have read many books by Gann as well. If anybody is interested a while back i came across these guys and they have some insight on Gann tools and using market Structure, Geometry, and Astrophysics. You can check out their archived videos for more insight on Gann and how to use these tools in live trading to expand your knowledge. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


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